[7-2] Calamitous Intent is recruiting

Looking for some small to mid sized gang PVP? Want to live in Nullsec with an Alliance that actually wants to make you a better pilot, instead of F1 pushing and breathing out of your mouth?! We are recruiting!

What we require -

  • 20million SP minimum
  • Ability to fly at least one of the following, Interceptor, Oracle, Keres, Confessor, Hecate
  • Self Sufficient with ISK

What we have to offer -

  • 100% SRP for Logistics ships, Interceptors and Interdictors.
  • Daily fleets from 0000-0400
  • A close knit community

We are currently in Great Wildlands and take fleets out to Scalding Pass, Wicked Creek, Insmother, Etherium Reach and Detorid. We do handout fleets at zero cost to fleet members pretty often as we have a pretty steady income and FC’s that are generous.

If you are interested, reply here.

We have Discord

In-game Channel is 7-2


Hope to hear from anyone interested!!

Recruitment still open!

Recruitment still open!


All yesterday :slight_smile:

Recruitment still open! :slight_smile:

Annoying AF but one of the toughest opponents I’ve had to go up against

Thank you sir!!!

Recruitment still open friends :slight_smile:

Recruitment still open

Recruitment open, :smiley:

Recruitment Open Still, great fight in lowsec today

Still open :slight_smile:

Recruitment still open, getting good fights lately :slight_smile:

Recruitment still open, had a fun fight today!


Give us a shot!

Recruitment still open

Recruitment still open!!! :slight_smile:

Still open, good fights yesterday!

Recruitment is open!

Recruitment Open! War is at our door and its been fun!

Feign is still recruiting!

We had a pretty awesome brawl over an azbel last night



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