Calamitous-Intent [7-2] Recruitment OPEN! (Nullsec SOV trolling PVP 20milSP min)


Calamitous-Intent is looking for more pilots!

We have a long history in small-gang PVP and harassing larger organizations. We roam almost daily, and have many experienced FC’s.

What we are looking for;

20million SP minimum, some exceptions are made on a case by case basis
Ability to fly your own ship and not rely on anchors every day
Ability to make your own isk and be ok with losing a ship every now and then
Headphone and Mic
A reasonably positive attitude and thick skin

What we have to offer;

Roams daily
Fights that we are almost always outnumbered in
We are currently taking space and you can make some isk on the side if you need
A community to group your pvp skills
memes on discord

If you are interested hit me up in game, Wallymarts, and i will get in touch with you!


Recruitment still open!

biddy bump!

We still have recruitment open!

Recruitment still open!

Recruitment still open!

Recruitment still open :slight_smile:

Recruitment still open!

Recruitment still open!!!