7-2 Calamitous Intent is Recruiting!

What do we require?

A willingness to pvp and learn. We want you to become a better pilot!
20mil SP
Ability to make isk on your own
Must be ok with losing a ship!
Having a Dread/cap alt is a huge +++++++

What can we provide?

We do Blops
We are actively engaged in a SOV war in Fountain against a group much larger than ourselves, and doing very well
Small gangs
Weekly drunken roams I will FC and we can welp together as a family
VIdeo of me being drunk FCing a battleship welp :slight_smile:

Join the in-game channel 7-2 to catch one of us online when you are!


Have a great day

recruitment still open

+1 Fort and +1 Azbel today :smiley:

Recruitment still open!

Recruitment still open, we are very active, lots of fun fleets and great space!

Recruitment open!

Recruitment is still open!!!

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