[.l2p.] You're Dead Fool is looking for small Gang/Capital PvP Pilots


We aim to be a chill, relaxed, PvP oriented Corporation. That trys to take every fight we can and have a “shoot first, think later” mentality. We roam around lot in every part of New Eden, forming in our Alliance Stagging or Jita. Usually we do Small Gang Fleets in Alliance and on Corp level. If you are into Bigger Fleets and/or Capital PvP you can Participate in the Coalition and Alliance Level Fleets too if you like.

What we offer:
• Almost Daily Roams
• Coalition and Alliance Level Fleets
• Capital PvP
• Safe Space for Ratting and Mining
• Relaxed and very tight knit Community

What we require:
• Friendly attitude
• Omega clone state
• Working Mic
• Loki trained / in training

Bonus points for:
• FAX/Dread alts
• Scouts/Dictor alts
• Logi V

If you feel we might be a good fit for you hit us up on our Discord or message one of our Recruiters in game:

EU tz: Gallente Citizen 93502323
US tz: Gralek Mena / Xentriq
AU tz: 3xAWarpNinja Hilanen

He gents,

We are looking for new pilots to join our corp! We have someone available to speak to you on our discord server anytime! See you there!

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Just joined this corp and already having a lot of fun.
We already ran a small gang of battleships and had a lot of fun
Great group of pilots.

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Some good fights to be had,
great bunch of lads
Ignore Krester

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Still looking for some more dudes to join our crew guys, bunch of fun dudes to fly with

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Recruitment is still Open, come say “Hi” on our Discord

Come say Hi on our Discord, we are still recruiting

Instead of us telling you to join you should be asking yourself why your not already here!

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Recruitment is still open, come say Hi and lets have a chat :stuck_out_tongue:

Revitalized recruitment drive. Come by and speak to a recruiter today! https://discord.gg/CYz3cSc

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