70 milion sp pilot looking for a family! (WH) Prefered

After creating my own corporation, I was able to establish myself in a few corporations that made me enjoy the game.

However after the rises of the omega and with some various problems I decided to stabilize in the wormholes, leaving shadowcartel.

I am a pilot who plays 12 hours a day and loves ratting in the c5 with a vargur, but also do pvp and joke in comms with other players.

I don’t like drama, I love talking and having fun.

I’ve had a bad past but I’m ready to stabilize a corporation for a long time

C5 favorite ones!

I know you are mainly looking at WH space, but if ratting is something you enjoy, we definitely have a home for you in Sublight. We are a part of Imperium and live in Sov Null in Cloud Ring. With bounty Modifiers ranging anywhere from 120%-200% along with moderate to high ADM’s, we have an ideal set up for ratting with 20+ anoms in most systems around us. We also do love us some Crabbing as well : ).

If pvp or mining are thing that interest you as well, we have Null Moon ore available to the alliance every day of the week (not an exageration) along with alliance fleet pings daily as well.

We offer a laid back atmosphere of a small casual Corp with the all the resources available to large ones due to our alliance. We are primarily composed of 30+ year old pilots with jobs and/or families, so real life always takes priority! What caught my eye in your post was wanting to stabilize a corporation for a long time, as that is just the type of corp mate we are truly after to cut up with as well as grow together. We are primarily USTZ corp with alliance representing both primary TZ’s.

Again, I know your first choice is WH, but I would have felt remiss if I did not at least try and reach out as it seems we are like minded in everything else. If you want to check us out I will link our discord below, so you can get plugged in and see if this is truly a good fit for you. Good luck finding your new home, and as always, fly safe.

sorry man, but im not really in nullsec…

thanks for the offer ! good luck growing up the corp!

Check us out !

The Golden Dawn is an AUTZ/USTZ C2 corp intent on shooting spaceships, and shooting spaceships first.

We are a small group of around 20 guys, but are super active whilst making sure to be laidback. A fight is won if it is fun-positive. We don’t care if you ■■■■ up the killboard as long as you had a good fight and learnt something.

What we hope you want:
⦿ C2 with c5/ns statics, great for content along with ratting opportunity
⦿ Active and mature players
⦿ Pathfinder, discord, SEAT (guess we’re tech nerds now)
⦿ Group that ACTIVELY searches for content, rather than complaining about a lack of it
⦿ Almost zero blues
⦿ Freedom to play however you want
⦿ Laidback atmosphere with your standard EVE Australian comms
⦿ PVE only as a means to an end - funding PVP

What we want:
⦾ Omega account 20m SP+
⦾ Experienced + PVP focused
⦾ Mic and english speaking. this one is non-negotiable
⦾ AU/UStz (if you have a bunch of EU buddies, we’ll happily take you in as a group. we’re active in early/late EU, just can’t guarantee deep EU action at the moment).
⦾ Full auth - SeAt all esi scopes
⦾ You look for content, rather than shying away from it. shooters active in the next hole? that’s a reason to undock your drake, not your higgs megathron.

Check out our recruitment video here:

Come Fly Away With Us! - The Golden Dawn

Join our discord below or contact Sir GranD Only(EU) Jerry Hojbjerg (AU) or Skeat Gray (US) via in-game mail.


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