72+ Mil SP Combat/Industialist looking for new home


I took about 5 years off but am back now and wanting to get back into industry, mining, exploration, and some solo/gang combat. Looking for an established Corp with active members and voice chat. I live on the west coast of US and work nights, so I will primarily be playing when I am off ( 3 - 4 days a week). I am specialized in Gallente and Caldari (Hybrids, Drones and Missiles), and am proficient in small scale industry (T1 ships, rigs and ammo).

Hi Ajax
We might be what you are looking for. I’ll send you a mail ingame when I log on soon with some info about our Corp and what we do.

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Do you consider yourself a virtuous pod pilot Ajax Saissore? Do you really dislike vileness acts? The Virtus Crusade [VIC.] is calling every righteous soul to fight the waves of chaos and plunder, helping to build a New Eden where virtue thrives. Reject the path of chaos and vileness of indiscriminate plunder, pirating, and destruction as proclaimed and fulfilled by entities like Goonswarm, Pandemic Horde, and Test Alliance and all pirates and terrorists alike. Stand up against these despicable creatures and join the ranks of Virtus Crusade.

[Our narrative rephrased]

Virtus Crusade [VIC.] is an established corp of kindred spirits that has a character requirement (instead of a skillpoint requirement), with strong branches is PVP (>30.000 kills), PVE, industry, and mining. As a proud member of Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA], we uphold NRDS in whole EVE and hold sov in 1-1I53 and TXJ-II in Providence. We have all the different Upwell structures you need available. In PVP we fly everything from frigates up to blobs and capitals, making already more than 30.000 kills on the enemies of Provibloc. Providence is a regular target of different power blocks, so we have constant fights ranging from small fleet skirmishes to massive fleet fights.

Interested? Read more about us on our full recruitment add or join our ingame channel VIC Public.

Hay bud we are a small and friendly null sec corp that’s fastly growing we are looking for new members.In our corp RL comes first that’s a big must and second we play the game to have fun and make isk we have a lot to offer for a small corp. We are looking for indy and pvp pilots we also have jobs going within our corp we are probably the only corp that will pay its members for the work they do as long as they work hard in the rolls you get paid. If your interest drop me message in game
🇬🇧 Titan A.i we need you.

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yo m8, well right what we specialize in aswell, oh and with a little twist ;o) we “role” play as police force and cover all aspects of the game, from the industry wing to pvp with free ships and training ops with drill sergeants, all sheduled and organized, we offer all the options, but you choose what u wanna do and when. so NO OBLIGATIONS. around 20 to 35 active in corp at any time “except AUS”. but both EU and US covered with lots of content.

anyway man, have a look at the add see what yah think ;o)

I live in a C5 wormhole with C5 static, corp is dual EU TZ and USTZ. If you’re interested in WH life hit me up on discord



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If you have time please take a look at our industrial group, Blingdenstone/ rock hard revolutionaries, we’re specifically recruiting industrialized pvp oriented people who are interested In something that not your normal corp/ alliance

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O/ Ajax Saissore!

You know, when you win EvE, you’re not supposed to give in and spend more time and money here!
But still, sir, we’re glad you’re here! I think my corp has exactly what you are looking for, and maybe some things you didn’t know you were! Mostly Toast, beware that guy (you’ll know in time).

This may be a long one, I hope you give it a read.

Federation of Freedom Fighters (F-OFF) is a USTZ (primarily east coast, but we span all time zones USTZ, really). Null-Sec PvP Corp with the best damn ticker in New Eden! We’re based in Vale of the Silent in our Alliance, Freight Train Diplomacy. We are both close to Jita, Low-Sec and various Null block powers. We have content literally on our doorstep in any direction, so it’s definitely not a bad place to grow.

You said you are interested in Solo/Small Gang playstyles, as a bit of a solo player myself, (https://zkillboard.com/character/2114203519/), you can find a lot of decent fights in our area, since we are so close to Horde and Fraternity University starter systems. We are also very close to Black Rise low-sec. We are also starting up our corp small gang group again, and your experience would be highly valued.

You can find F-OFF pilots on every night, with an active leadership to back it. Our directors, including myself are on almost every single night and are heavily invested into our corporation! Our members’ voices are always heard, and we are always here to back them up.

Given that our doctrine revolves around drone boats right now, with the Gila/Dominix, your ship specialties are heavily in your favor. Note: We are trying new doctrines, but I think you’re already well prepared for this. Also of note: you mentioned you are involved in small-scale industry, there is easily a spot for you here, while we are a PvP alliance, we recognize the need for our indy pilots. T1 ships are our mainline, unless we are required to upship. There should be a decent market for rigs as well.

Beyond that, a few notes about us:
-NO TI-DI. Our fleet fights are usually 75-100 max
-Dirt cheap jump freight service
-NO BLUE DONUT BULLSHITTERY, we have 2 allies, not 95% of New Eden
-PvE opportunities, safe ratting space, corp mining ops!
-Corpmates and Allies that actually undock to help you!
-SRP Program / Ship Handouts!
-Plenty of roams and fleet content going on every single day.
-Small gang group forming! Blingy ships, limited killmails, fun times!
-Competent FC team

Contact us in our in-game channel F-OFF NOW! Mail me in-game @ TempestofChaos. We have Discord too! https://discord.gg/Sppsrqm you can also PM me directly on Discord TempestofChaos#1696.

Fly Dangerous Sir,

F-OFF Pilot and Subdirector

Hi Ajax,

Spark Flying industries is looking for more people as we expand in to Low sec and Null Sec.
We’re interested in Industry, Mining, pvp, and pve.

if this sounds like something your interested in hit me up in game.


Hello Ajax!

First of all, Welcome back to the game!

I got the feeling that you might like our corp, our corp is form with guys and girls coming back to the game after breaks similar to yours, our people is mostly trying to have a great time! so we we got in place some programs to help people get started.

We are located in Vale of the Silent just a couple of jumps from Jita, we are a mostly PVP corp but if you are interested in mining and Industry we have a great pocket and stations for it , I’m a miner myself :smiley:, even tho we get camp from time to time but that’s when the PVP starts! Our corps makes general content roams and nano gangs almost everyday. We use Ravens, Macharials, Domis, Muninns, Gilas, and some other for big ops and the corp also makes hand outs. This last part is one of the reasons we are looking for Industrial people like yourself!

We also are a highly social corp! we are most of the time chatting on Teamspeak and some day a week we got a game night in Discord!

If you are interested you can send me a PM here or in game or go to this link for more information:

If you decide we are not what you are looking for, I hope you find the right place soon! o/

Heya, west coast here as well. We are very close to having a full T2 production ability with a Market we control localy and over 60 bil in sales monthly. We need more indy and pvp pilots to grow more and create a nice market / indy base in curse.

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Laid back corp with a very chill alliance. Both industry and PVP.

I would check us out homie!

Hi Ajax,
Looks like you are being swamped by posts and mails lawl, but I would love to have you just glance towards Knoc if you happen to have the time.

We are trying to grow in our industry size as well as our strength within our alliance and coalition. I really hope to hear from you!

-Prot - We Want You
We are a team of experienced pilots. Our requirements are simple, you have to chill and socialise.

We are a corp of PVP guys that log on and kick ass We know better than anybody when you have to log off the big op because your kids set fire to the cat.

We are a PVP corp based in great wildlands/ scalding pass SOV, Striving to achieve a strong PVP name for ourselves all’s we want is your experience and company while we’re doing it. Instead of running down to the local bar/pub to hang with friends, we log onto DISCORD and do eve stuff.

10 mil skill point requirement, DISCORD Use (Listening and Speaking)

very friendly people in corp. safe space to rat and mine to fund those shiny ships

So we offer you the chance to come and see what we are about and to speak with us directly, as we are sure that we can prove to you that we are worthy of your APPLICATION.

COME AND JOIN US ON OUR EVE CHANNEL AT —> x-prot <— Copy and paste for ease, and speak to one of our listed recruiters who will be happy to help.
http://xprot-eveonline.co.uk/ Fly Safe

Hi there my dude,

if you want to get back in the game and learn it, you might want to consider joining R.Uni.

We have had a couple of returning players join us to get their PvP skills and game knowledge sharpened so I can guarantee content in your timezone and plenty of cool dudes to enjoy it with.

Additionally we have a complete manufacturing park and more miners than builders, so setting up some industry should work fine for you.



Hi Ajax,

You have some interest but we may be a very good match for each other!

We are recruiting, and we are looking for both old, returning and new players, since the 2.5 months we started were up to nearly 40 members. We have a lot to offer and a different mentality to ‘most’ eve corps, please take 5 minutes to read our post to see what we are about

If it looks like it could fit please give me, Terrus Askiras or Glendees a shout inagame.

Fly safe, GM

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