Returning player looking for casual

I am a returning player 50mil sp who mostly did exploration and fw. I am looking for a casual corp that doesn’t require me to schedule anything. I’m basically a solo player. I like to explore null and wh, would like to get into abyssal content and maybe fw plex for fights in frigates. I play maybe 1 hour a day and sometimes play with complete newbies (wife and friends) . You can see I’m torn between many things, love this game and would play a ton if I had no life commitments.

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Do you consider yourself a virtuous pod pilot Thanos Lemmont? Do you really dislike vileness acts? The Virtus Crusade [VIC.] is calling every righteous soul to fight the waves of chaos and plunder, helping to build a New Eden where virtue thrives. Reject the path of chaos and vileness of indiscriminate plunder, pirating and destruction as proclaimed and fulfilled by entities like Goonswarm, Pandemic Horde and Test Alliance and all pirates and terrorists alike. Stand up against these despicable creatures and join the ranks of Virtus Crusade.

[Our narrative rephrased]

Virtus Crusade [VIC.] is an established corp of kindred spirits that has a character requirement (instead of a skillpoint requirement), with strong branches is PVP (>30.000 kills), PVE, industry and mining. As proud member of Curatores Veritatis Alliance [CVA] we uphold NRDS in whole EVE and hold sov in 1-1I53 and TXJ-II in Providence. We have all the different Upwell structures you need available. In PVP we fly everything from frigates up to blobs and capitals, making already more than 30.000 kills on the enemies of Provibloc. Providence is a regular target of different power blocks, so we have constant fights ranging from small fleet skirmishes to massive fleet fights.

Interested? Read more about us on our full recruitment add or join our ingame channel VIC Public.

Looking for a new home with chill pilots? WEF is a well-established null corp with the options and activity to keep you engaged. All levels of PVP, moon goo, ratting, and fleets. Apply today and join us for a drunk fleet!

Hay bud we are a small and friendly null sec corp that’s fastly growing we are looking for new members.In our corp RL comes first that’s a big must and second we play the game to have fun and make isk we have a lot to offer for a small corp. We are looking for indy and pvp pilots we also have jobs going within our corp we are probably the only corp that will pay its members for the work they do as long as they work hard in the rolls you get paid. If your interest drop me message in game
🇬🇧 Titan A.i we need you

Hello there ;o) well here we are sort of “roleplaying” as Officers antipirate corporation ;o)

basically we help everyone and kill the badguys who make regular ciryzens life impossible, hehe.

we have Teamleader that teach newbros on ANY aspect of the game they want, we cover all by departments and we have NO OBLIGATIONS at all, we are all grown ups “45 here” and always RL comes first so, u are given all the oportunityes to try it all in game but always at ur own pace , including PVP if u want with free ships, trainings etc, that are always there in different times and YOU CHOOSE when u wanna do it or IF u wanna do it.

Here is our add, have a look man:

Hello mate,

How you doing? We are corp that dose not require pilots to do things they don’t like to do they are free to do what they like only PVP you will be required to align with Corp and alliance rules and polices. We are planning to live in a C1 or 2 WH in the up coming weeks till we get enough pilots to join us in the exploration of W-Space.

We are a group of pilots who like to enjoy the game and have fun, everyone is welcome New / Old Alpha/Omega dose not mater, pilot with good attitude is highly appreciated.

We have a motto " Real life and family comes fist! " we all have families and jobs in the real world which needs our full attention, only jump in your capsule when you can…

If your interested join our Discord to have a chat or join us in our in game bar “ Raytheon Bar and Grill ” to chat and drink some Quafe :beers: cheers…

Fly Safe,



Would you be interested in NPC null?

Thanks for the reply, still looking and considering. I come from a somewhat stained past (BNI) and fw so antipirate might not accept me. And omega requirements turn me away since my friends that play occasionally are alpha and I may relapse at some point.


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