73.5m SP Leviathan Titan Pilot + Pheonix + More | 2 HG Clones

Selling my my Leviathan Pilot.
Can fly Levi/Pheonix well plus more.

Positive Sec Status
No Kill Rights
126 skins

HG Pods:
One has high-grade nirvana set
One has high-grade hydra set with deadeye missile implants
both clones in Amamake freeport, the rest are in Jita.

1 Remap available

Will come with zero wallet balance.

Can have up to 7 clones


38 b offer

50b offer

Thanks for the offer. Going to give this a little more time for more offers.


55b offer

I would be willing to accept 60b. Let me know.

Ok, 60b is fine. Who to send ISK to?

You send isk to me (Deadly Hagen) along with account name to transfer the character to.

Sent, account name in note

Received, can you please send me an evemail to just confirm account name before I start the xfer?

No problem thank you. Sent mail

Transfer started. Thank you.

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