WTS Leviathan + Phoenix 43.8M SP Focused Pilot [CLOSED - NO SALE]

Selling the character in question, all CCP rules apply. Only serious offers will be considered.

Password: 4321

Positive wallet balance.
No killrights.
Can fly Force Recons and Interceptors.
NPC Corp: Docked in High Sec - School Station.
Jump clones: Not installed.
Long-standing character (from 2013).

40B minimum buyout price, no extraction offers.

Sorry, no insult but char is way from flying a Levi.
Might consider your price.

As said: Focused Leviathan pilot, according to the required skillplan - post also does not claim it’s a perfect/optimal pilot. That’s your opinion :slight_smile:.


Bump <3

Not going to sell at this time.

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