73m sp character

just a rough Price check on a 73m sp character to see how much i can get out of him


Thanks in advance

72b i think

Sounds and looks awfully similar to ordo pope from another thread. I’d concurbwith the gentleman feom the other thread except this has söightly lower SP.

I’d say 66-70 bill. Somewhere in that region. Now are you really just price checking or having an intent to sell as this is on the sell foruma?

Yeah, no. You over price this but then again you bid on every character available :roll_eyes:

kinda sitting on the fence tbh, but not really that interested to sell as its a pain to train new characters

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Fair enough. I understand the uncertainty. It’s a nice character in any case. :+1: Good luck :blush:

Hello. I can offer you 62bn for this character.

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