74.6M Amarr Dread/Titan/Blops focused

Primarily used as rev pilot. jump cal 5

74.6m + 1m unallocated
No amarr titan book – ready for it to be injected and good to go!
Positive sec status
Positive wallet
+5 training clone
Located in Jita
No killrights

Starting bid: 60B

How is it a titan pilot if it doesn’t have the book?

My bad if I worded that poorly. I just mean most of the skills are there just need to inject the book and you can fly it :smiley:

Hello, I sent you a mail.

Current bid from @Kate_Yanumano is 44b

@Kate_Yanumano Hey friend, is 44b still your offer? If so I accept! Will send you an in game mail too.

Yes, reply sent.

SOLD to @Kate_Yanumano

Isk and account info received, character transfer initiated. Thank you

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