76.5m SP Character from 2009

Positive KB https://zkillboard.com/character/715549898/
Can fly Dreads / Carriers, soon in a Hel.
+90,000 SP unallocated
All remaps available
Great PVP Pilot, Caldari Minmatar focused


psw: 420

70B buy out?

70B is highest bid, I’m interested but I won’t be able to pay transfer fee until later. Definitely keeping it in mind unless there’s higher bids until then.

If U deside ,plz let me know

I most definitely will, for the time being, bids are still open.



Bump still for sale. 90b OBO 70b bid currently.

Daily bump.

Bump still for sale. 90 OBO / 70b Highest bid.

Daily bump.

Bump. Buyout lowered to 85B, current highest bid 70B

B/O 85b / Current highest bid: 70B


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