77th Amarr Squadron is recruiting!

Hello there!
In the name of holy Amarr.
We are called the 77th Amarr Squadron. We are looking for fresh Amarr Pilots.
The galaxy must be free from Evil, and we must defend the throne at all cost. Heil to the Amarr Empire!!

What you can expect from us:

  1. Free ships for doing ratting inside Wormholes (so u don’t loose ur own ship if you got killed) that’s a guarantee you may keep the ships.
  2. Getting payment for you active duty (depends on activity in General).
  3. Learn new Tips & Tricks from us.
  4. Meet new people & make new friends

Requirements for joining:

  1. Active player
  2. Amarr Player (because knowing the Amarr Empire is important)
  3. Nice person in general

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