78 mil SP pilot is looking for Minung/Industry corp

Hello everyone!

I returned to New Eden in March 2023, after long break. Currently I’m looking for mining / industry corporation, based in highsec / lowsec / WH. Main focuses are manufacturing, mining, IP. Also, I’d like to learn PvP better, but not in big fleets, solo or small groups. I would be glad to have some lessons from experience pilots and take a part in PvP-activities.

Couple of words about myself. I was actively playing during 2015-2017, mostly dwelling in WH-space. Small corp of friends, dwelt in C2-C4 systems, did IP, rattling sleepers, exploration, sometimes small size PvP (fractional wars). I got two omega accounts. My main has 78mln SP, can fly on Caldari/Gallente ships, including T3 cruisers, T2 mining barges, Orca and Charon. Second pilot - 18mln SP on this main account is industrialist and can manufacture T2 modules and ships. Also, can fly on Charon. Main on second account can fly on mining barges T2. All my six pilots have maxed IP skills.

I would be glad to find good company to play and chat with.

That’s it

Fly safe! o/

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You Are Welcome With us :slightly_smiling_face:

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