8.5m SP player returning after 4 year break

I have recently returned to Eve after 4 years and don’t really remember a whole lot, Majority of my skills are in mining / industry / battleships / drones, i have dabbled in a bit here an there so they are spread out somewhat.

Currently i am looking for a high sec corp that has a nice social atmosphere, i play whenever i am free so sometimes early morning sometimes late night (nzt).

I spend majority of my time ATM solo Orca mining so a hub with compression, refining, researching all that good stuff would be great and a decent ore buyback system would be superb. I also run level 4 security missions from time to time and do some salvaging if i feel like doing something different.

If you think i am a good fit for your corp, hit me up in game or down below.
Cheers Lieutenant Marshall

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Hey Marshall, although we do most of our PvP in low-sec, we also spend a lot of time in high-sec running team abyssal sites and triglavian fleets. We also train NewBros and help OldBros reintegrate into the game, so we’ve been running people through L3 and L4 missions to help them learn the mission mechanics while they skill up and get ready to join our L5 runs. Although we have peak activity in the US, EVE is a 24 hour game and we are a 24 hour corp. We use Discord as a nearly full-replacement of Corp chat, so it doesn’t matter who is logged on: you will always have access to corp mates. As busy professionals, many of us work strange hours or travel for work and this also serves to help us stay connected because when you join the Heresy, you are not just joining a corporation – you are joining a community. I’d like to invite you to take a look at our ad below and come join us on Discord for a chat to see if we’re a good fit for each other. o7

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Try S.I.G. - easy going corp with a high sec indy base near Jita and some ties to nullsec if you want to go that route.

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Hey Lieutenant o7,

Please check out Our Team o7

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