~ 80 mil SP Cap/Blackops/etc Pilot LF medium sized USTZ friendly Corp

Please read all the way through.

I was a dedicated F1 pilot for Brave and eventually turned into one of their cap pilots totaling 5 years.

While I will always love Brave, I left due to the collapse of most of our alliances and moving back into Pure Blind after the retreat from Delve.
I joined AMOR in early November to change my pace to WH space, but I was removed because I’ve been offline for about a month because of the Holidays, and I happen to be in the middle of upgrading my PC. So, I am looking to come back to the game soon and I want to look at my options until then.

I am looking for a C5 or 6 WH corp or Null corp with a group of guys that regularly does Blackops and I am looking to utilize my cap skills.

I have about 80 mil SP main that can pilot a variety of different caps, supers and T1 carriers among every single T1 ship, with most of my skills focusing into Missiles/shields/Caldari, with an alt I am sort of trying to figure out exactly what to do with but can be used as a cyno.

I am looking for a corp of medium size that has proven to have longevity with established internal infrastructure. I’m not interested in joining a newer corp or a mega corp such as Goons or Horde, etc

I work Monday through Sunday. I only get about 3-4 days off a month.
That said my overall in-game time would be on the casual side, but when it comes to important pings or ops or defenses, I do make the best effort I can to be ready and present.

I am not looking for a hardcore toxic atmosphere. I am a 30 year old working adult and I like to have fun. “business casual” seems to be the popular terminology.

Please let me know if you believe I would be a good fit for your corp.


Legio Titanica, a member of Already replaced, is open for recruitment. I sent you an in game mail. Get back to me when you can

Come check out Cup Cake Surprise

Hello I’m the CEO of social infrastructure. We have a pretty pretty tight net laid back community… The majority of our player base is like yourself married or has a full time job. We are mainly USTZ. PVP focus but have lots of indie operations operations on the site as well as ratting ng to make a little ask. One of the science’s main goals is being heavily involved in black Ops.

If you have any further questions feel free to message me in game Tytus Kyle or join our discord and say Hi.

Think we got what you’re looking for. Our alliance does all sorts of pvp and can keep you busy for a while.

We’re The Order of Omerta we are a mining, indy Corp who even enjoy pvp, looking for more pilots. We need miners, ratters, pvpers and industrialists to join our tight knit family and help us make the most outta our little Corp.

We are very relaxed and let you play how you want (within reason). We’re set up with access to HS and NS space to fly in. We are in a null alliance but have a HS Corp that is wardec free for all your hisec toons to operate in hisec relatively worry free. Corp structures available for indy needs.

We love to mine and hold regular fleets and have tons of moons, ore and ice belts to mine with max boosts. We have low cost structures to get those indy wheels going along with a vast library of BPs and a buyback to buy your finished goods and ores.

For all you pvpers we got plenty of content for you to join. CTAs to help shape the ever changing political landscape to small gang roams and defense fleets up to full blown coalition fleets for strat objectives. Whatever your killer desire you can likely find it here.

We are a community and want players who will be on coms and in fleets with us enjoying the game. We’re looking for mature players who don’t take the game too serious but are also goal oriented and helpful as we have many returning and newer players and we wish to teach them to play the game in an environment free of constant obligations. Play how you like here.

What we’re looking for:
Active at least a couple times a month.
ESI check.
Voice interview.
Mic for coms (mandatory for null).
Helpful attitude.
Willingness to join in on coms and fleets.
No drama.

So if you think you want to join us message Varina Vengari in game or DM me here.

If you want, come, and have a chat with us

If you have not found a new home yet, check us out!

Did you know that rust is recruiting?

Come check out Voidlings, we’re a C5>C5 Pulsar PvP corp that engages in pochven content, black ops, ratting, among other glorious wormhole activities.

We’re also chill :3.

Hey there, I think we might be a good fit for you! We are a pretty chill late eu and us tz pvp group. We do blops, small and medium gang pvp.

Our corp, speaker for the dead is part of the stay feral alliance. We are a chill group who go out and pvp and do lots of other activities. We are zero drama and believe real life comes first. Hit us up if you wanna go do something!!

Hi Mate, I would encourage you to give War Eagle Fleet a look, I think we would be a decent fit.

Ill give you the short version of what we look for, but #1 is a relaxed attitude to the game, and for you to play the game your way.

What we are looking for:

  • 10m SP minimum (though we have a high sec corp for learning and growing as well)
  • Omega accounts - Alphas are welcome in our high sec corp
  • Pilots of all walks of life (pvp, pve, mining, exploration, and more!)
  • No drama, and a good level of maturity
  • Be able to take a joke (If you get offended by everything you won’t make it here, but nobody here sets out to alienate anyone either)
  • Willing to train into alliance doctrines for home defense if you can’t already fly them
  • Participate when you can and support your team

We are a large and active corp, and do have an active Black Ops division, both within the corp, and in the wider alliance so you’ll likely never be short of Blops content! Come drop in to WEF-PUB ingame channel, or hop on our public discord at ╬ War Eagle Fleet ╬

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