Old Bitter Vet - looking for a new home

12-14 toons looking for a new group. Current corp does not have enough active players.

What i’m looking for:

  • Mid - Large Corp primarily of pvp roams/Hunters
  • Corp that’s like a friend group - other games besides eve
  • USTZ - perferably EST
  • WH/NS/LS
  • not afraid to use and lose caps/supers
  • Activity
  • The want to set up dread bombs for response fleets.
  • WTB cached npc dreads.

What I offer:

  • 3 Titan pilots
  • 3 Super pilots
  • 2 Neutral Super pilots
  • 7 Dread pilots
  • 4 FAX pilots
  • 2 jump carrier pilots
  • Neutral hunters and blops
  • countless neutral cyno/hick/dic pilots.
  • Spais in most major alliances - Goons, Init, Horde, PL, Frat. - ability to put neutral toons into any alliance at will.

Deal breakers

  • You will only get api’s to the pilots coming into your corp. You do not get names, api, etc of any spai or neutral toon. They are mine and mine only to burn.
  • Structure bash fleets, unless you use caps. ■■■■’s boring, at least take a risk. - I still wont participate.
  • Crabing/mining/indy - I do enough of this on spai toons, do not need/want to waste more time on bs.

We’re probably not exactly what you’re looking for, but as a new corp we could use a player who can run a Titanbridge :wink:


Good Morning, Merica!

My name is Odysemus in Project Omega Industries. I think you’d fit in rather nicely with us based on what you are looking for:

We are the largest Corporation in the Gentlemen’s.Club [G-CLUB] alliance based in Detorid/Insmother.
We are very active and have pilots that do it all. If we are not otherwise occupied, we usually have people who form up for anything coming through our space.
Not going to lie, G-CLUB is in a rebuilding phase - but that doesn’t stop us from taking fights, upgrading our sov. and providing our members (at Corp. and Alliance levels) with all the content they could want.

Join our discord and hit me/us up in our Public-Channel: Project Omega

I will send you an in-game message too.
Hope to chat soon!

  • Odysemus

Come check us out!

hay buddy am looking for vets members to join my corp also run a alliance feel free to pop on our discord and have a chat we are good bunch don’t just play eve together other games too have a good laugh together