80m SP Gallente Titan

Character can be found here. All other characters sold. Will be trading via PLEX method.

Alastair Antollare - 56 billion
Alastair Miromme - 57 billion

Wait was that an offer or price check?

Would offer 15 bil for the jf dude


I accept your offer Perpetulated.

100 billion for both Alastair Audeles and Alastair Ellecon.

Offer accepted TxivYawg1

I will send 50bil each to both characters.

Just need to finish my game of League of Legends and Ill initiate the trade.

I have to cancel all trades as I have an issue with my credit card company and paying the transfer fee.

No worries mate, I know what a pain CC can be :slight_smile:

I’ve just found out I can trade the characters via plex. It will take a few days for the transfer to happen because it involves ticketing CCP. Do you want to use this method?

Opps Wrong character

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56 bil

58b for Alastair Thellere (assuming not sold yet)

np, ty for the update

Sorry, forgot to update the thread myself.

Your sale thread is not according to CCP’s rules as found in the Character Bazaar rules. You should update before ccp locks your thread.

@Alastair_Ormand Please edit the original post to comply with the Character Bazaar rules