Hello,I want to sell my perfect Erebus and Moros toon
Gallente Titan V
Gallente Dread V
Perfect guns V Specialization V
Perfect Armor/Navigation/ Engineering/Gunnery/Targeting Skills
Doomsday Operation V
Doomsady Rapid Firing IV

Serpentis skin for Erebus

High-grade slave set with HG-1008
Improved set
Character will be located in Jita
No kill rights,positive isk. I will pay transfer fee.

Next remap 2017.11.28

Starting price : 58b
B/O 66b
Why? Because high-focused toons currently are very rare

45 bil

47.5 bil

Are you the original owner?

no, I am not

50bill can buy now

Selling is open until 1st January 2018. No.

FIne ill go BO 66bil

Accepted. Pls send isks and account name to me

Isk sent and Account name sent via ingamemail

Okey, char has 28 omega days. I will be at home in 25 minutes and will check wallet and then I will send a request to CCP

Thanks. I have recieved isks and account name. Let’s wait CCP’s answer. 1000 plex in my plex vault and a request already sent. Char is in Jita system

Not sure what you mean?

Currently it is impossible to transfer character with PLEX only for Real Money. But CCP can transfer character for 1000 plex ( old 2x PLEX) I have sent a request to them for character transfer

ok i understand hopefully not to long

Yeah,it should be fast (not too long) .I am sorry,I am selling 5 characters right now… can’t pay rl money for all.

Any word

No :frowning:


Feel free to write here and ask me about request status or you can message me in-game Pphearr or Fetouros Kousou. If I am not at home I use new eve-gate and can send message to you at any time