80mil SP returning Pvper LF WH CORP

Hi, some of you may know me as I used to run GASFREAKS. Thinking of restarting, therefore I’m looking for a corp. What I’m looking for is :

PVP focused
Decent isk opportunities (farm holes, c2-3-4-5) even if I’m OK with isk as I used to sell WHs.
Medium corp, not looking to join any big corp with a negative attitude in general.
Independant pilots, willing to help teach newbros too
Good attitude, friendly, family

If you think you have what I’m looking for, please contact me.


you should drop by our pub chanel and see if you are a compatable type of crazy. at infen we sort of do everything and sometimes even do it right. just head to INFEN pub

Hey Bromeus,

My friends and I have just come back into the game. We’re setting up a small wormhole corp (six of us at the moment) but plan to grow it to about 15 people. We’re all UK except one mad Canadian. Would love to have a chat with you when you’re free.

If you’re interested drop me a mail ingame and we can arrange to talk.


Most like have what you’re looking for, currently c4 based Corp with highsec bases in all four factions. We run c4/5 drifter hunts and due to the nature of WH space have no real need yo go looking for PVP action (as there’s always someone trying to steal our mining operation ore.

I can offer you channel access to chat with our pvp team and maybe get you fleeted with them to see if you like what you find, and then go from there.

Pm me in game if interested.

Remember me?

Im actually back as well and I’d like to talk with you if you are interested . Sending me an email in game would be the best way to coordinate a meeting.

I know its not WH but you never know if you wouldnt find a perfect group if you didnt try,
Come check out lethal injection inc.

we are members of triumvirate.

we do two things, Blow stuff up (spectacularly) and make combat boosters (100% pure L-INJ, baby!)
if you can fly caps and want to use them, or blops or do small gang we are your corp.
we have plenty of isk making opportunities as well.

If you want to know more hit me up in game or message me on discord

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