85M Titan/Super/Rorq Pilot SOLD

in station high sec
positive wallet
5.0 sec status
no killrights
280,000 unallotcated sp
2 remaps avail

Can also fly marauder, dread and blop.

jc in chaven station with full high grade slaves, ee-603,ta-703,em-803,ss-903

pilot currently wearing full geno core aug set, nomad epsilon, ws-615,sm-705,em-805,nc-905,nr-1005


Looking for Best Offer



I accept 60b offer.

isk will send later

Thank you for accepting my offer. Please tell me the ID you receive isk,I’ll pay within 24 hours

I send isk to this character or another?

Per CCP Rules

“The character being sold must receive the ISK for the purchase and only ISK.”

Thank you for waiting,please check email in game, isk and acc have been sent.


10 Sep 2019 21:56

EVE Character transfer


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