89m SP Industry/Exporation/PvP Pilot LF specific nullsec home

Hi all

I’m on the hunt for a new corp based in nullsec that can support my belt-ratting addiction. I love to get in the belts and shoot rats, so I’m looking for somewhere with a large number of asteroid belts (25+), low security (-0.5 or lower), and a station.

When I’m not belt ratting, I do a bit of everything.

  • PI (18 planets total)
  • Exploration (I bring back everything I can get my hands on, great for corp buy-back schemes)
  • Mining (Ore, Moon, Ice, Gas, I can harvest it all)
  • Production (including booster production) & Invention
  • PvP (not afraid to shoot stuff, ask me about my current armoury)
  • Very active, basically on every day for at least a couple of hours
  • Communicative, easy to chat to and is good at providing intel (almost never AFK)

If you’re a corp recruiting and you think you can feed my belt ratting addiction then feel free to reach out.

Hey mate can you come on our discord for a chat

Anunnaki Security Forces have opened its doors for new and old players! We are a corporation built on trust and integrity. Most of all we have built lasting friendships here in eve. Our core group of players have been playing since eve was created. We can teach new players life in Eve. As a corporation, we know that RL comes first, and we all respect that. We are looking for the players that want to be apart of something that we created for all. Come join us! Be a part of our community and help us become the next great powerhouse in this game we call Eve Online.


★Secure Access to Null Sec
★Major high sec operation
★Part of a major Null sec coalition
★Experienced Leadership
★Mining Fleets with Bonuses
★Ore buybacks Program
★PvP/Low-sec/Null Sec roams with a ship replacement program
★Experienced players who are willing to show the newer player around.
★Teaching fleets
★Group Mission running & Ratting
★Sign-on bonus after the 60-day trial

Come chat with us in Eve
ASF Recruitment Channel

Or come chat with us on Discord


Join the Anunnaki Security Forces Discord Server!

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