91m caps Gal/Min with high SP in Drones

Akira Hastmena - character selling

Character gallente/minmatar capital ships oriented, with high SP in Drones


*pos wallet
*no kill rights
*Jump Clones:

  1. located in C6Y-ZF (/w some implants)
  2. located in Misaba
  3. located in 1DQ1-A (/w some implants)
    *char located in Jita

Auction, starts from 70b

73 bil

78 bil

78.5 bil

79.5 bil

79.6 bil


Thank you for offers. I will check the topic 'till Sunday and make a decision.

80.5 bil

No further contact. Re-open thread, I have day-off tomorrow so I’ll handle transaction quite fast.

Bump. B/o 85b, I’m online.

Still open.

Terms for purchase agreed upon in game. ISK and account info has been sent.

Thanks, Akira!

Made a character transfer to Yours ID couple minutes ago.

Thanks, Maizie!

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