94m SP USTZ bittervet

Long time player(excluding “breaks” hence lower SP), multiple alts(dread, indy, jf, etc) Not looking for a second job, I want to log in and pvp, maybe sometimes krab. I will not join a mining cta. If your pvp CTA’s are optional, I will be more inclined to join. I am prone to feeding a high number of ships in ESS’s after getting drunk and filamenting from jita, so this must be okay. Kb is still decent, if that matters to you. T' Elk | Character | zKillboard

Mostly looking for nullsec, small-large gang doesn’t matter, just don’t be plebs. May also be interested in WH or other corps, but ofc still don’t be plebs. I have liquidated my caps but I will re-buy, and I will want to use them.

I’m usually drunk when I play, I will do stupid ■■■■ on purpose sometimes. I will make an ass of myself on comms occasionally. BUT, I’m a good guy, see my ingame bio for references. If interested, please leave a reply with something interesting about your corp, and a summary of your corp/alliance culture overall. I may or may not read copy-pastes.

My corp is ■■■■ and we are pleb city but if you are interested in gate camping in Rancer around 0500-1200 EVE time, regularly, hit me up in game.

Hey mate jump on our discord and we have a chat you seem a perfect fit for us

USTZ bud, right in the title.

Hey man, I’m recruiting for a small pvp Corp that lives in delve. We are super laid back and no concerned with our kill boards. The Corp is real life first and we enjoy hanging out on coms shooting the ■■■■. Our alliance is also small with a active group that is always willing to jump into an ess fight.

We would be interested in you https://i-fed.co.uk/ :slight_smile:

Shot you an in-game message. We should chat!

hello i saw your zkb and just realized we were just flying together recently when your previous corp/alliance came and offered some assistance against CC.
anyways we are recruiting and these are the summary about us

Small low sec pirate group
Friendly drunkard and foul mouthed aussies
lots of moon mining
Safe space for lvl 5 missions
Well experienced fc
PVP Training for those who want to learn
Ratting space
Discord Community
Comms Required

if you’re more interested come and chat with us on our discord server

Occulus Rifts | Corporation | zKillboard

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