95M SP returning player LFG EUTZ

Hi, I have been away for a couple of years, but I have seen the game looks to be in a healthy state and I am looking to return to the game. I am EUTZ.
My main is a 95m SP character, pvp focussed. I also have a dread alt.

I am ideally looking for an active pvp alliance. I tend to join null sec corps but I can keep an open mind. Previously a goon.

You Are Welcome With Us :grinning:

Hey Optio, welcome back!

If you are interested in wormholes, come check us out!

We are focused on a EU TZ and are a very close-knit and well bonded group. Were all about keeping a good corp culture.

If interested at all feel free to join our Discord

We’re not strictly a PVP corp however we are in a PVP alliance aligned with Goonswarm. I think you’d probably fit right in.

TSSOC is a long time corp, living in an active area of Null

come check us out

Imperium Technologies - PvP | Null Sec | New & Old
[ PvP focused with 100% SRP ]

  • No Life like Null Life, come join a great Corp with a long proud history in Eve Online’s Null-sec community

  • Newbros/Returning/Old welcome all can apply

  • Be part of one of the oldest corps in the game

  • 80% Buyback program for all your loot.

  • 0.0 Life!!! vast area of null-sec spanningnseveral regions ( Querious/Catch )

  • Open boarders with all coalitions space

  • 20 years of knowledge and love to train our pilots.



  • PvP focused, We play hard, we fight hard.

  • Want to discover the riches of nullsec? We’ll show you how!

  • Escape the rat race of highsec! Be a law unto yourself in 0.0.

  • We own plenty of ares for you to explore and discover the kind of pilot you want to be.

  • Must be +18 years of age or older (family/friends exempt as long as they are mature).

Please contact me for more info
In-game name: Bloodytears Damon
Discord: ArchMage#9082
IT Discord: Imperium Technologies

Hey! Dystopian Angels might be the right fit for you. Please let me know if/when you’re free for a chat to see what we’re all about and if we can fit what you are hoping for. We have a mix of most timezones so there will pretty much always be somebody for you to hang out with.

Active PVP alliance, nullsec and EUTZ? You would be perfect for INIT which is EU-heavy. Tbh our corp itself is USTZ-dominated, but I personally would love to have more corpmates in my timezone as a Euro myself, so please do check us out: Here we grow again! - #219 by cyraxthehated_Metesur

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