99M sp vet, 99.9% PvP, LF stable 0.0 PvP corp EUTZ

Hi there !
I’m fr, looking for a corp leaving in stable conditions in a 0.0.
I almost only go for PvP, i farm NPC only when i have to buy a new ship to burn… I’ve done almost everything that could be done in under cap size PvP. I’m looking for an oriented small gang PvP corp with fishing and hunting, depending of the day;
Here is my KB : Please, don’t K/D me, watch out the related kills if you wanna judge me on this KB only :wink:

I have no alt, i don’t fly cap (for now) and i hate tidi (bye bye 200 vs 200)

Don’t hesitate to ask me anything, i’ll be glad to answer !
Fly safe, in a 2B shiny pirate cruiser just next to me if possible !

sent you an eve mail

Give us a look bud :slight_smile:

Pew Squad (ChaosTheory) - 0.0 PVP Corp Recruiting US/EU tz pilots

Lets talk.

Cheers, Miku

Hi there, Vow of Vengeance is recruiting.

We are Pvp and indy with fleets for both running 24/7. We live in -0.5 space and rock full ADM`s. Check out our in game ad or take a peek at our full detail ad here: bit.ly/VoVInfo … feel free to contact any of my recruiters in game to have a conversation to see if we are the right fit for each other. Thanks so much and looking forward to meeting you!


Check us out!

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