A Band Apart - ABA - Is looking to expand once again

So with our next Annual Frigate FFA just short time away, ABA is looking to expand again with the right Corps/People, We currently have a couple of Low sec pirate corps and an established industrial and wormhole presence.

Are you looking for a new home for your Corp? Maybe you’ve just started to expand your Corp and are looking to join your first Alliance now your getting a bit bigger? Well ABA could be the home for you.

See our pirate lords post: Join A Band Apart if interested :slight_smile:

So… what can we do you for I hear you ask?

A bit of EVERYTHING is the answer!


We have a section of Low Sec space which we live in, which is in and around Ouelletta, we have roams usually twice a week, for the opportunity to come and shoot people in a small gang format, no Tidi fights! Low sec can be soo much fun!! We also do things from Frigs roams, to cruisers to BLOPS. And we always have fun doing it, with some great kills and some funny losses that always make for a great story…

WITHIN LUCIFERS HAMMER/Sunstone Mining and Industry Assembly -

If building and helping the economy in eve is your thing, then we have a strong industrial team which you can earn isk EVERY month to help fund your own fun in New Eden, all done in safety and you could be part of the amazing team that built all them frigates everyone gets to blow up in Ouelletta for free!!!

We have a presence in WH space with our own hole which we are looking for newer and experienced players to help control and have some fun, both with PVP and PVE roams for USTZ and EUTZ…

What do we want from our pilots?

To have fun is the main priority! But all we ask is to be part of the alliance and get involved where and when you can, we don’t have a set structure to eve so you can play how you like, but with us your word is your bond, you say something, do it!!

So put in an application or hit us up in our public chat channels “The frosty hammer” or “Eveoganda

Fly dangerous and we look forward to flying with all again soon!!

Alliance/Stay Frosty website - EVEOGANDA

Lucifers Hammer website - https://www.eve-online.dk

A Band Apart
Stay Frosty
Lucifers hammer
Average pilots
Sunstone Mining and Industry Assembly




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