A Band Apart - ABA - Is recruiting once again


Do you want to become a better solo or small gang pilot?

Do you want to live the pirate life?

Or want that awesome Wormhole dream?

Maybe industry or mining is your thing but tired of being a small cog in a big machine?

In A Band Apart we have something for everyone, from solo and small gang PVP/PVE, to newbie friendly Indy focused corps, or Higher level Wormhole life. Why not come join us and see what your next experience in EVE will be!

So… what can we do you for I hear you ask?

A bit of EVERYTHING is the answer!


We have a section of Low Sec space which we live in, which is in and around Ouelletta, we have roams usually twice a week, for the opportunity to come and shoot people in a small gang format, no Tidi fights! Low sec can be soo much fun!! We also do things from Frigs roams, to cruisers to BLOPS. And we always have fun doing it, with some great kills and some funny losses that always make for a great story…

Need to make some iskies because you keep losing ships whilst you learn? The rest of the Alliance have plenty of activies to help you earn something on the side.


If building and helping the economy in eve is your thing, then we have a strong industrial team which you can earn isk EVERY month to help fund your own fun in New Eden, all done as safe as Eve can be and you could be part of the amazing team that built the thousands of frigates everyone gets to blow up at our annual Frigate Free 4 All (FF4A)

With both with PVP and PVE roams available across the Alliance, there is always something to do!..


Phoenix is our Wormhole focused corp, they live in a C4 with C5 and C3 statics, they are currently recruiting for newer and more expeirenced players, but as a c4/c5 WH can be hard we do require some basic skills, Don’t worry if your not quite there yet though… Our newbie friendly corp Mount Othrys will be able to guide you to start.

We partake in PVE, PVP, Indy and Mining all in our home hole and use our statics well, we usually try to arrange to do this in small fleets together.


Mount Orthrys are our Industry, newbie friendly focused corp, we are happy to take on new pilots and train them up in many aspects of the game, from mining to PVP, with plenty of places to develop within the Alliance when you get your skills up a bit if thats what you choose, or maybe you just want to have the fun and thrill of mining in LS and other areas of space to make that sweet isk.

We mainly focus on building and mining, but operate in LS for the better ores which certainly keeps us on our toes, with PVP as a side focus to support the alliance, we offer a bit of something for everyone.


Average pilots are our a great bunch of guys who like to stream and live in and around the low sec area where stay frosty lives. Always hunting and looking for good content, recruitment is now open again if solo PVP is your thing, then hit them up ingame or on our Discord linked below!!

What do we want from our pilots?

To have fun is the main priority! But all we ask is to be part of the alliance and get involved where and when you can, be active on discord and we don’t have a set structure to eve, so you can play how you like, but we try to have a bit of something for everyone within the Alliance. But keep in mind, with us your word is your bond, you say something, do it!!

Stay Frosty. - Check out Rixx Javix’s blog for more INFO!

So put in an application or hit us up in our public in-game chat channels “Phoenix Conx Public” “The frosty hammer”, “Be Average” or “Eveoganda

Fly dangerous and we look forward to flying with all again soon!!

Our Discord - A Band Apart

Alliance/Stay Frosty website - EVEOGANDA

Lucifers Hammer website - https://www.eve-online.dk

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Joined a few weeks ago. Having a blast!

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