A few changes to improve playability

I have been playing EVE for about 10 years now and I keep coming back to it over and over so, undoubtedly it is a great game, entertaining, and at times challenging. That being said, I am sure that many of us would love the game was more playable. It would also be nice if it could get rid of the nonsense. Here is my wish list which I am sure more than one will agree with:

  • When a player attempts to sell multiple (dissimilar) items. the sell price provided by default is the highest price offered on current station’s bids. This is fine if the player wants to sell immediately. If, on the other hand, the player prefers to place a sell order to sell at a higher price, the default price should be the lowest sell order price. This will allow players to quickly turn over disparate stuff that is typically collected during security missions, combat anomalies, ratting, etc. With current implementation, players have to create a sell order for each item and adjust the price manually. Boring!!!
  • Allow missions to be accepted remotely (jumps away limited by skills, region, etc.). In my view, CCP does not benefit from having pilots wasting precious time traveling just to accept a mission that does not require pick-ups and/or drop-offs.
  • Allow fitting dialog to pick modules/charges/drones from containers other than main “Item Hangar”. This could be implemented by offering a dropdown to select the container when the user clicks the Fit button. This is nicely done on the industry dialog by allowing user to select the container with input materials. If this feature is ever implemented, please make sure that the little dialog that pops up when not all modules are found, also allows to select a different container aside from the option to “Buy all…”.
  • Provide shortcuts for drone groups, i.e. combat, salvage, ewar or simply allow drone groups to be assigned a different shortcut. An “easy” approach to facilitate implementation could be to provide generic shortcut names on the shortcut’s configuration screen, like drone group 1, drone group 2…. Then, on the drone window where groups are formed, a context menu would ask for drone group shortcut. This indirection should avoid having to mess up with the general shortcut assignment mechanics.
  • Allow exporting/importing client settings so players can share and implement same settings among multiple alts/accounts/corporations etc.
  • The context menu option “Find in personal assets” could be added to few more places where module icons/names are displayed. For example, icons on the fitting services screen.
  • Implement some sort of short-range jump device, easier to use and less restrictive and affordable than Cynosural Field Generators. Such device could jump to a bookmark (which requires that the pilot have visited before). This is important since I am sure CCP doesn’t want pilots jumping around into random coordinates. This feature will be really awesome and will introduce a nice and completely new dynamics to the game. For sure we don’t want to make gates obsolete so this new device could have fitting restrictions like skills, consumables, ship types, etc., as well as performance restrictions like distance traveled, cool-down time, etc. This feature would have a valuable side effect of reducing traveling time considerably and those pilots who only have an hour or two to enjoy the game, will be able to use their time more effectively. EVE is supposed to be thousands of years in future and still it feels like stone age when it comes to traveling.

I can get behind all of your ideas, except for the jump changes, thats just silly and kinda ruins your othervise good suggestion list.
Btw, I think that sharing client settings is already possible via the launcher, just click the cogwheel next to your account and select the settings you want to load when launching the account.

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