A Formal Petition to Her Grace the Lady Hamideh Kador

My Lady,

I write in full knowledge of the abundance and proficiency of your servants, however even should those servants have alerted you to it; I would have felt negligent not to have brought to your attention a particular opportunity to mitigate the recent constrictions in trade between the Empire and our allies in the Caldari State.

While not an adequate substitute for the long range Stargate isolated in Niarja, if an accommodation for mutual civilian use of cynosural infrastructure can be made with the Chief Executive Panel, the physical proximity of Your Grace’s Holdings to The Citadel could facilitate bi-directional traffic– even with the greater costs incurred by jump-freight, the opening of such a corridor could; alongside the same shrewd leadership which has so preserved the Kador military circuit during the current crisis, further bolster the physical and economic security of the region.

I hope Your Grace, that you will forgive me the boldness of a proposed route, Romi offers a location less than nine light years from Kassigainen, and excellent conventional proximity to the throne worlds.

I remain Your Grace’s most obedient servant
Saronu Yassavi


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