[A.M] Angelus.Mortis EU & US TZ- Recruitment Re-Opened for Null Sec - Miners/Indy - PVE - PVP - We Have it All!

Become an Angel of Death!

Public EVE Chat Channel: Angelus.Mortis Recruiting
Public Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/kwjDp5Q
Apply to corporation: http://www.guilded.gg/r/AoQR4O0rjP

Recruiting: Miners and Industrialists, Capital/Sub-Capital Pilots for Fleet ops

About Us: We are a member of the Goonswarm Federation operating out of the Delve region in Null Sec space. Angelus.Mortis was formed in early 2011 and has a long and rich history of TEAM work, friendship and a strong desire to defend that which is ours. We live in a space that is continuously evolving with a wide variety of opportunities for most any member candidate. Typically our members are older than the average EVE player and have jobs, families and a respect for each other that can sometimes be rare in EVE.

What we are looking for:

  • Candidates that have a desire to be part of a TEAM of space fairing capsuleers.
  • Candidates that are self sufficient. Are able and willing to learn how to survive in Null Sec space and enjoy the benefits of living in our space.
  • Candidates that are mature enough to be part of a group of other like-minded players that enjoy playing a game, but know when to dock up and take care of home.

Benefits of Angelus.Mortis:

  • We offer a Corporate Keepstar to store your supers
  • We offer over 2 dozen private corporate moons to mine without competition
  • We offer strong team work and opportunities for character development.
  • We have space that is rich with PVE as well as PVP opportunities that will exceed expectations of most candidates.
  • We offer a host of Industrial related structures to fit the needs of any budding or experienced industrialist.
  • We offer a variety of talk and text communications programs that will fit the needs of most candidates. (Mumble, Jabber, Discord, etc.)
  • We encourage all members to find their own niche and prosper knowing that you will have a seasoned group of players to support your efforts.

What we need from you:

  • Be a TEAM PLAYER: It is great to have your own projects and ideas, but support the Corporations goals.
  • Be ACTIVE: Take part in Alliance defense fleets and home defense. We ask that each new member take part in at least five (5) alliance fleets per month. Some of our members do many times that because its FUN!
  • Be AVAILABLE: We ask that all members be on voice comms (Mumble) whenever you are in space going about your business. This helps us to keep home defense levels and our response times low!
  • Be SUCCESSFUL: Have fun. Become Space Rich!

We look forward to hearing from you. All candidates will be asked to take part in a brief voice interview and background check prior to becoming members. A FULL ESI will be required prior to becoming a member of this outstanding TEAM.

Fly safe!

Posting a bump for a good laid back corp

Lions and tigers and bears OH mY

If you take Aussie TZ players I’m available with 2 accounts. My main has 121M SP includes Titan 5 and most below from a couple of years in Karma and a few years in CFC corps before that. I like all facets of the game with my alt being skilled for carriers but mainly production and mining. Had lvl 5 Mining boss etc and builds caps. I’ve had a break and tried opposition corps in non goon alliances but was considered (understandably) to be a spy having been with goons for so long so I’m trying to find a home back in my familiar Alliance. I’m 58 Yo and have spare time to do fleets and stuff. Was top PAP winner in Razor a while back. If I’m of interest please let me know.

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Bumping this up, we are still looking for a couple of good folks to fly with.

Being outside in the spring and summer sucks. The heat, the bugs, and the road construction. Come to delve, its great here!

Did i mention pollen and mowing the grass!?!?!? Delve, its chill

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Just a bump to keep things moving, looking for a few more good people.

I’m going on vacation soon, good time to join us. :smiley:

Great, now I have to mow the lawn. Still looking for qualified candidates.

The weekend is here.

Quick - CowRocket is in vacation - everyone pile in while he’s away

Now I’m back, let the lashings begin!!

The Null Sec Wars are over!! The new war against CCP/Drifters begins. Recruiting as many as we can get our hands on for this new battle! Come one, come all!! No reasonable offer refused :slight_smile:

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Hey guys, still recruiting. I’m even willing to train newbies if they don’t mind learning PvP and running fleets!

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