NA/EU TZ Null Sec Corp Recruiting PVE/PVP Industrial Players

Public Channel: Angelus.Mortis Recruiting

About Us: We are a member of the Goonswarm alliance in Null Sec space. Angelus. Mortis has a long and brave history of TEAM work, friendship and a strong desire to defend that which is ours. We live in a space that is continuously evolving with a wide variety of opportunities for most any member candidate.

What we are looking for:

  • Candidates that have a desire to be part of a TEAM of space fairing capsuleers.
  • Candidates that are self sufficient. Are able and willing to learn how to survive in Null Sec space and enjoy the benefits of living in our space.
  • Candidates that are mature enough to be part of a group of other like-minded players that enjoy playing a game, but know when to ship up and take care of home.

Benefits of Angelus.Mortis:

  • We offer strong team work and opportunities for character development.
  • We have space that is rich with PVE as well as PVP opportunities that will exceed expectations of most candidates.
  • We offer a host of Industrial related structures to fit the needs of any budding or experienced industrialist.
  • We offer a variety of talk and text communications programs that will fit the needs of most candidates. (Mumble, Jabber, etc.)
  • We encourage all members to find their own niche and prosper knowing that you will have a seasoned group of players to support your efforts.

What we need from you:

  • Be a TEAM player. It is great to have your own projects and ideas, but support the Corporations goals.
  • Take part in Alliance defense fleets and home defense. We ask that each member take part in at least three (3) alliance fleets per month.
  • Be on voice comms (Mumble) whenever you are in space going about your business. This helps us to keep home defense levels and our response abilities high!
  • Have fun. Become Space Rich!

We look forward to hearing from you. All candidates will be asked to take part in a brief voice interview and background check prior to becoming members.
A FULL API will be required prior to becoming a member of this outstanding TEAM.

Fly safe, have fun friends!

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