Angelus.Mortis [FCON] Recruiting for TEAM oriented members:

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  • 2017-06-15 01:16:14 UTC
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Public Channel: Angelus.Mortis Recruiting

About Us: We are a member of the FCON alliance in Null Sec space. Angelus. Mortis has a long and brave history of TEAM work, friendship and a strong desire to defend that which is ours. We live in a space that is continuously evolving with a wide variety of opportunities for most any member candidate.

What we are looking for:
Candidates that have a desire to be part of a TEAM of space fairing capsuleers.
Candidates that are self sufficient. Are able and willing to learn how to survive in Null Sec space and enjoy the benefits of living in our space.
Candidates that are mature enough to be part of a group of other like-minded players that enjoy playing a game, but know when to ship up and take care of home.

Benefits of Angelus.Mortis:
We offer strong team work and opportunities for character development.
We have space that is rich with PVE as well as PVP opportunities that will exceed expectations of most candidates.
We offer a host of Industrial related structures to fit the needs of any budding or experienced industrialist.
We offer a variety of talk and text communications programs that will fit the needs of most candidates. (Mumble, Jabber, etc.)
We encourage all members to find their own niche and prosper knowing that you will have a seasoned group of players to support your efforts.

What we need from you:
Be a TEAM player. It is great to have your own projects and ideas, but support the Corporations goals.
Take part in Alliance defense fleets and home defense. We ask that each member take part in at least three (3) alliance fleets per month.
Be on voice comms (Mumble) whenever you are in space going about your business. This helps us to keep home defense levels and our response abilities high!
Have fun. Become Space Rich!

We look forward to hearing from you. All candidates will be asked to take part in a brief voice interview and background check prior to becoming members.
A FULL API will be required prior to becoming a member of this outstanding TEAM.

Fly safe, have fun friends!

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Recruitment is ongoing. Still looking for TEAM oriented members.

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We are having a great time in null sec. You should really consider talking with us about the fun you could be having!

Join Angelus.Mortis Recruiting and talk to one of us today!

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Recruitment is ongoing. We are looking forward to talking with you!

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Come on and have a talk with us!

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Recruitment is still in full swing. Come find your place with us!

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We are still looking for fresh recruits to join the fun!

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Get in Angelus.Mortis Recruiting and let me talk to you!!

We are still looking for awesome people to join our awesome corp. and go do awesome things with us.

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We are still looking for awesome new TEAM members to come join the fun with us!

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Come join the fun. Shoot things with us!

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Still open to new recruits!

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We are still looking for awesome new members to join us in null sec.
Come have a chat with us in Angelus.Mortis Recruiting

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Still recruiting! Come have a chat with us.

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We are still looking for awesome new people to come join us in null sec for all types of adventure!

Join public channel in game: Angelus.Mortis Recruiting and chat with us.

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We are having fun. You should come have fun with us!

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Recruitment is still going strong. Come find your place with us today!

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Back to the top for new recruits!

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Yes, we are still looking for TEAM oriented people to join our ranks and enjoy null life with us!

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A GREAT war is upon us!! Come be part of the battles. Taste the glory and be one of the valiant!

Talk to us soon to find your new home among the stars.


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bump for amazing corp