A significant update to Industry


We have just released information about upcoming changes to the industry in EVE Online. More details can be found in the downloadable excel sheet. Please use this thread to discuss the changes with fellow pilots.

To submit questions for the live stream that will take place on Monday 29 March at 17:00 UTC, please head over to the Q&A thread.


Could this be the end of cloaks camping??


The best change is the buff to Synth boosters as Antifarmas are quite expensive

So, still no ore…cool.


I’m am looking forward to the mechanics for the reserve bank keys. That is a ton of isk locked up.


And it is not going to work out the way you think it will.


Ok, harmonization of t1 blueprint costs is somewhat nice. Not really anything anybody needed, but it’s kinda cute.

-it’d be really nice if the sheets provided comparative numbers. Sure we can also do it but I mean. C’mon. I’m sure you had the comparative numbers already.
-please tell us more about this covert ops nerf instead of hinting at something so fundamentally gamechanging. I don’t think I’m the only one that’s really worried about what weird idea you cooked up to mess with our cloaks again.


So how long do we all think before every battleship on the market has been bought up?


CCP , wishes for more reliance on plex to pay for the stuff you want in game , thus making everything harder to produce , and encouraging you to buy plex to build ships to sell for isk , or you could just buy plex and sell it , its all in there new business model - plex is where its at for that special ship.


How is that even related?

edit- Yea shame on me for replying before i finished reading everything.


Holy double hockey sticks, say that you like building your own freighters one time. Well I need to fix my PI planets. they have been neglected. PI/PP has been in the toilet and needed help so we’ll see.

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  • Positively impact capital proliferation without a significant impact on subcap markets

Once these changes are live, focus will go towards capital mining as well as the risk-reward-attention trifecta of Nullsec combat anomalies to seek opportunities around incentivizing high-risk, high-attention gameplay such as capital ratting.



I think at this point we all know whatever idea they come up with will be bad. This is CCP we’re talking about after all.


Praise BOB!


Requirements for a given ship will be determined by a variety of factors, including tech level, ship category, hull type, size, and purpose, among other things. Based on these factors, each ship will be given a tier, and their material costs updated accordingly.

Funny how CCP removed tiers from ships and now introduces them back. Would be nice if CCP explained why they need tiers in industry now instead of just throwing that out there.

Increase the importance of wormholes and allow wormholers to be a catalyst in New Eden’s environment

Would be nice if CCP added some information how they want to do that without you having to read through that Excel. That way, people could put all these weird names lie LM-Compo Molecular Condenser better into perspective.


After somewhat closer inspection…
“We’re making things simpler than ever!”
Also CCP:
“We’re also gonna make t1 ship manufacturing a 4 step process using materials from 4 different ressource acquisition systems, where it once was 1 step and 1 ressource acquisition type”


Very epic announcement


Also if nobody wants to play the game in omega status then the PLEX have nearly zero value.


Question 1: Why does Table 4. Supcapital Ships Blueprint Changes have no T2 ships other than the Exhumers and Expedition Frigates?

Question 2: Why is the Scorpion—and only the Scorpion—less material-intensive to build than literally all other T1 Battleships?

Question 2a: Why is the Scorpion less trit/iso-intensive now than the Megathron, when it has been more trit/iso-intensive?

Question 2b: Why are 2 cruisers from each empire (Arb/Aug, Blackbird/Osprey, Celestis/Exeq) at the lower material cost… except the Minimatar (only the Scythe, not the Bellicose, which is analogous to the Arb/BB/Celestis)?

Question 3: Why is Table 2: New Components, Reactions, & Blueprints so terribly organized? Just make columns D → [whatever] be their own PI inputs, and don’t be afraid to include an assload of greyed-out 0s. It works just fine, and it’s a lot easier to read and keep track of than this terrible table. Holy Carp.

We’ll start with those.