A significant update to Industry

Also if everybody wants to play the game in omega sub status then the PLEX have nearly zero value.


Not necessarily. If everything costs more to produce in terms of time, which gets priced in ISK, then perhaps there will be less of the “big stuff” and the smaller stuff will regain usefulness. Granted it wont be a smooth transition, it never is in any system.

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mining will be fixed now i suppose?? cause belts in null are just crap


As a player with tens of thousands of battleship BPC’s why do I feel like I’m about to get seriously shafted once again. The extra cost will be put to the customer.


If CCP doesn’t force people to mine in highsec it would make the gankers unhappy. Imagine how miserable they’d be if they had to fight ships that could shoot them back. :frowning_face:


Maybe after they nerf mining ships next.


Due to the nature of the manufacturing changes, which include introducing Mycoserocin gas as a required…

Did you forget to mention that Cytoserocin is a required gas material for some reactions as well? You sure listed it in Table 2 New Components, Reactions & Blueprints.

In addition, the distribution of Mycoserocin gas clouds will be greatly increased and will now be included in all Lowsec systems, as well as select Nullsec systems.

Does that mean every low sec system will have a Myko site like there is a ore anom in every system now? A bit more clarity in this regard and this “super huge” dev blog would have been appreciated.

What I also do not understand is why Battleships need to become more expensive, even if it is just a little bit. These ships are hard enough to use as it is, they have more disadvantages than advantages as it is. Making them even less appealing sounds like a very backwards idea.

Why are the tables in the Excel sheet not named? Why is it an excel sheet to begin with and not a PDF that is easier to navigate and read. People use the SDE anyway for their apps and calculations.

And royally screw the person who came up with slow mode. :slight_smile:


CCP needs to understand that scarcity doesn’t drive conflict. Neither does abundance. Incentives drive conflict.

Cap scarcity gives people an incentive to not risk caps, which can actually reduce conflict drivers. This is not good and it’s not something you should do.

Adding WH mats to cap BPOs might increase conflict drivers in wormholes, which is more on the mark I guess?


money money and loads of money :money_mouth_face: :money_mouth_face: :money_with_wings: :moneybag: :moneybag:



It was getting absolutely ridiculous, but now I can finally start farming in null-sec again! I’m going to resubscribe at least 4 accounts that I mothballed because of the griefers! :partying_face:


You should post those questions over on the Q&A thread for the stream on Monday.

They won’t get selected, but sure.

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I mean the answer to question 3 is obvious anyways… it speaks to the general incompetence of CCP developers.

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So you’re increasing the complexity of building during an era you’re supposedly simplifying things because people complain EVE is too difficult to get into?

Also, (I know the answer is no but I’m gonna ask anyway) are we going to get an increase the maximum number of build/reaction slots on a character to compensate for all this new stuff?


Just my guess but it is probably because the Scorpion is by far the least popular T1 battleship in the game, it is the only one not focused on damage dealing but rather on the nerfed into the ground ECM.

I have not seen a Scorpion in space in at least 2 years.


Awesome changes!

I’m going to edit this post later to respond to the details but initial reaction is this can be nothing but a good thing.

They have, did you see the new material costs for barges?

Just add plex and red dots to a blueprints.


what about mining ships?

How the f** should that make things simpler? I’m not going through pages of xls without any meaning (as there is no delta). Can somebody summarize for me?