A significant update to Industry

But that would suggest the game omega status is desirable and that would automatically make PLEX price rise as alphas would want it. :thinking:

I’ll also drop these in here, in the interests of ‘thoughtful discussion and feedback’, which is what we’re told Slow Mode is to encourage:

Question 4: Is it ‘Mycoserocin gas’ as listed multiple times in the dev blog, or ‘Mykoserocin’ as indicated in the spreadsheet?

Question 4a: Show of hands, who thinks the blueprints will require ‘Mykoserocin’ but the actual gas clouds and items from them will be ‘Mycoserocin’ because this stuff’s being worked on by two different people who don’t know they’re spelling it differently?

Question 5: What the hell does ‘Normalize the value proposition between different activities in EVE’ even mean? Can you maybe speak non-buzzword so there can be clear communication, which is supposedly your job?

That would be my guess, yes, but it only makes the question about the Bellicose more pressing. Arbitrators, Blackbirds, Celestes, they all see a lot more use than the Bellicose. The Vigil is better in every way, including in not getting blown up, because the speed and sig make a huge difference at the ranges the Vigil can operate.

Except the topic is in Slow Mode, so you can’t edit your posts.

Lol. Using barges in null for anything but ADM fleets…


Make battle hips even more expensive.
Scedule your entire day around guarding ESS.
Buff WH income because FU risk / reward ballance.

Smells like CCPee has mental diarrhea again - what a surprise


Looks like all faction cruisers, and all battleships and bigger are going to now require materials from moon mining, gas mining, and seeded through exploration to build.

This is supposedly going to “make things easier” :rofl:


so the starvation phase and redistribution phase that made building a nightmare is now adding more requirements . so many builders have already left, is this supposed to bring them back> I get it, this is an mmo so having friends helps you do what you want in game. requiring cooperation or trade across multiple skill trainings may revitalize indy corps if we can get the people back that we lost. unfortunately, CCP has no credibility or demonstrated that they understand how we play. I dont see this new direction as a positive unless we start seeing better access to resources.


Id hold off until you see their proposed ‘fix’

Don’t say thank you yet. No details on what they are talking about, and let’s face it the devil’s in the details, especially when we are talking about EVE online.


CCP, you need to do something about this obvious case of account theft/sale.


Massive kudos to @CCP_Rattati and @CCP_Paradox for actively engaging in the TIS stream


this is a false narrative. scarcity creates the incentives to fight over space. abundance removes it. peak conflict in eve was reached just before the massive rorqual buffs in 2014 or 2015 and conflict has gone down continually since then


Out of all that blurb the excel doesnt really offer me much as there is no comparrison with how it currently is.

Look forward to a potential end to cloaky camping.

ESS, horrible crap system too easy/quick to rob from.

But really, i just dont care mainly, I will look at the chnage syou make and either roll with it or not bother to get involved any more, I see little evidence that you listen to feedback, you just implement what you what to implement.

I amd just surprised you didnt try to flog more skins on the back of this annoucement.


1:1 delta would be useless (I already looked at it) for the most part, because there’s new components getting added to the only T2 ships there, and to everything larger than a battlecruiser. Costs for hull groups are being standardized. As a result, some ships will become more expensive relative to others than they have been, while others, obviously, will become relatively cheaper.

The new subcapital components will require Planetary Interaction materials, as well as other things they’re not telling us, because some of those components, like Crystalline Carbonide Armor Plates, don’t actually have blueprint info on this spreadsheet that supposedly tells us the things we need to know. Is it changing at all? Should we assume it’s not, because you know, assuming anything where CCP’s concerned is… dumb. Which leads me to…

Question 6: Where is the updated industry information for making things like Crystalline Carbonide Armor Plates, since these changes are sweeping enough that we cannot assume things not listed aren’t changing? Is this another instance where you’re expecting us to afford you a truckload of trust you very much haven’t earned?

They haven’t. They’ve given more vague promises. So far, that’s basically all they’ve delivered in the last few years: vague promises.

They go there because they know there will be no difficult questions, no real follow-ups, and a lot of sucking up.

This is an over-simplification. Scarcity does not create the incentive to fight over space unless there is space to fight over that has value. If everywhere is a desolate wasteland, you have no reason to try to take someone else’s space—it’s just as crap as the space you have. Scarcity doesn’t create incentives to fight, imbalance does.

And that hasn’t shown up in even a single one of CCP’s posts or streams.


OMG this is so going my way I cannot believe it!

Sry for industrialists thou, well it’s my time to get the good stuff.


As a suggestion… would it be possible to have these new items be SALVAGEABLE?

This is a big buff to exploration and gas mining
I believe salvaging would also be cool to have a nice little buff as well, as currently it’s barely worth time salvaging wrecks (unless they are T2)


By now some of you have seen the Excel™ sheet but nobody asked why by the Empress will SOE ships be the most expensive pirate faction ships in New Eden??

Is the Astero so unstoppable that every other frigate has to kneel when encountering one?

Why do Serpentis capitals cost 100 gajillion more than the other pirate faction capital ships?

Why will t1 battleships cost 8295632945624956926754984562 trillion isk?


Scarcity isnt even fully implemented yet. the move to restrict highsec ore to once per month spawns is still coming.


I too look forward to the day when local gives 100% guaranteed and immediate warning of the presence of a threat so that losing a PvE ship is impossible unless you’re a complete idiot. I think that PvE farmers absolutely need this immunity to loss and renters need their safety buffed up to the level of strong PvP alliances. The current state of nullsec farming not being easy enough for everyone to get a participation trophy is unacceptable!


At a guess, it’s because the Astero and Stratios are T1 ships that can use Covops cloaks and Black Ops bridges w/out needing the training for any T2 ships, including Frigate/Cruiser V, which makes them much, much more accessible, and so they need to find a way to prevent them from getting totally out of hand (which they haven’t, and won’t, but :ccp:).


Hi CCP, i have a question:
Is it intended that the Core Temperature Regulator requires Science V?
Because that would mean that one of the components needed for battleships can’t be manufactored by alpha clone pilots.


working as intended?