A.X.I.S Corp Is recruiting

A.X.I.S The Arch Angels Has just begun and need Recruits
We need to
-PvP Recruits
-Mining Recruits
-PvE Recruits
-Explorers Are Welcomed Too
-Casual Players And Serious Players Are Welcomed too

We can provide
-Ship Replacement Program (If lost for The Corp Sake)
-Skill books Reimbursement (1 mil Maximum Per Day)
-Full Training For The new Recruits
-Provide The Best Fitting For All the Ships
-Access To incursions Fleet
We Expect From our Recruits
-Work For the Corp And help Us to begin in our plans for the Future
-Following The Orders
-Respect The other members And The officers

We Looking to Expand to
-Null Sec
-Low Sec (Faction WarFare Systems)
Everyone Is Welcomed in Our Corp
Recruitment Channel
( A.X.I.S Recruitment )

Join Us Today Before we Begin With our Plans

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