[ASMF] PvP/PvE Corp LF Players in Null Sec

Astral Mining Foundation is a multi-focused Corp.
We focus on providing access to game content for an array of players, with corporate and alliance level goals for industrial and PvP characters alike. We have access to multiple 0.0 systems with excellent security status which means you can enjoy ratting, mining, PI, and even PvP.

What we are offering:
Mature leadership/ Mature corp
Real-life comes first policy
Experienced Corp and Alliance mates to help you
Access to 0.0 Systems
Consistent 10% corp tax
No recruitment fees, our overheads are covered by the occasional corp op and the low corp tax
Multi account players welcome
Corp Mineral/Ore purchase Scheme
Good Pi planets, with low tax
Corp Mining Ops to support corp and alliance programs and enjoy some fun with your mates
Alliance run PvP fleets
PVP training fleets for learning

What we are looking for:
Players with no baggage and/or drama to bring along
We Are looking for players in all time zones
Active people willing to participate in weekly/monthly run Corp Ops covering Mining ops/PVE and/or PVP
Well rounded skillsets. We want you to be able to maximize isk making opportunities and capable of participating in fleets when able.
People willing and able to train capitals
Mature Team players
Must have a mic/headset and use Corp & Alliance TS3
Provide full API for recruitment
Must be willing to assist in home Defense. This is number 1 Priority!!!
Minimum requirements (must meet at least 1 of these to be accepted):
*4mil SP
*Ability to fit and fly a mining barge
*Ability to fit and fly t1 battleships and/or t2 cruisers.
We are also looking for people who want to move up in a Corp, people who want to run Corp mining ops, Corp roams, home defense ops, help the Corp become stronger
We are also open to merging smaller corps into ours and helping people to progress up the command chain

For the PvP side of things. Cruiser level 5 of your racial preference is preferred but not required.

If you are interested in talking to us about joining, Please send a mail to:
Keith Kelley or Dandriel Chelien

We are still looking for new members. Apply to the Corp or send a mail with your full API to get started!

Still looking for active Pilots interested in null sec.

Long time pilot back to eve with a newbro friend of mine once I get him up to par in skills were interested in moving to null are you guys still recruiting

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