AARP is recruiting


Already Replaced alliance, a member of Legacy Coalition, is open for corp recruitment. What we are looking for:

  1. Corps with PVP experience and those who want to PVP.
  2. Corps with experienced FC’s ready to move into alliance FC positions.
  3. Corps with at minimum 10-15 actual players.
  4. Corps who want to live in Null sec and who want to thrive in null sec.
  5. Corps who want to be a part of a growing and prospering alliance and who want to continue to grow moving forward.
  6. Corps who want to actively participate in alliance and coalition ops.

What we have to offer:

  1. As a member of an established coalition currently involved in a war we have plenty of PVP ops happening at both the alliance and coalition level.
  2. Access to SOV Null space for ratting and making ISK with options for more as we continue to grow.
  3. SRP program in place as well as an established buyback program.
  4. For the industrial minded in any corp an alliance moon rental program.
  5. A well established industrial backbone in the alliance. Both alliance doctrine and coalition doctrine ships are always available via contract. Need something specific built we have the industrial core to get it done for you.
  6. An active alliance leadership team who is in game and on coms daily. We play alongside our members, we’re not just some group of higher ups leading from the shadows that members have no access to.
    7 A friendly atmosphere where we understand RL, work, and family responsibilities take priority over space pixels.

Every corp in AARP is valued, respected, and appreciated. Come join AARP and belong to an alliance family, stop being just more numbers on a spread sheet for some tool who doesn’t care about your corp in any meaningful way. Join AARP and enjoy a friendly atmosphere and get some good war fights along the way. Reach out to us today and let us discuss your corps potential in our family.

AARP contacts: Choc talar, Facial Wipe, Yoats Falvius, Doc Wildstar

AARP Kill Board:

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Le Bumpski shoot some bees with us folks!

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