Already Replaced [AARP.] Now accepting New Corps and Members

We are Already Replaced [AARP.]

Looking for something refreshing in New Eden’s Nullsec? A place to call home, a community, and a place to sit back and have some fun?

We are looking for people who are ready to engage, to undock, and to learn from every experience! People who are who are more concerned for the people they are flying with than the ships they fly. We are looking for people who know that after the dust settles, they’re just internet spaceships, and they’re Already Replaced!

We are a Null-Sec Alliance seeking to leave our mark on the world of internet spaceships by fostering a diverse, non-biased and inclusive group of pilots, those who not only want to own sovereignty in EVE but also believe it can be achieved alongside real comradery and good fun.

We strive to maintain an atmosphere where all of our membership, from alliance directors to corporation leadership to line members are in constant communication from the top down and bottom up.

Some details for the detail oriented:

  • AARP. is a Nullsec, Sov holding alliance, a part of the FI.RE coalition.
  • We offer diverse Nullsec activities, including fleet battles, small gangs, blops, industry, and all forms of nullsec PVE
  • We have a robust alliance structure including IT support, active JF services, ship stocking, industry support, and much more.
  • We have no minimum fleet participation requirements, and minimal hard expectations from corporations of pilots, focusing instead on comradery and fun to drive participation.

Representatives from all levels of our Alliance are ready to talk to you and/or your corporation today.

Join our Discord and UNDOCK, UNDOCK, UNDOCK!

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Might want to move this to the recruitment section.

Good luck with your recruitment efforts!

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I thought I had, thank you for the correction.


Join the AARP family, add some PVP excitement to your life, join us in our Null home


We’re a smallish corp of PvE and PvP folks shopping around for a nullsec dwelling alliance to join.
What standings, if any, do you have with Pandemic Horde? What region of space are you living in?

I sent you an in game mail with a link to our Public Discord where we can have a chat and answer your questions.

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Got it and replied; look forward to having a conversation with you.

Already Replaced [AARP.], now creating #EveOnline Twitter Content. We do like our memes.

When minds collide. Discourse Happens! Join our public discord sever today!

More Cowbell!

Eve life not seeming fair? Here’s a plan, call #AARP.! Now accepting new corporations. Talk to an alliance recruiter today. Our Corps are also accepting new members. Join R public discord server 2 learn more.


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