Ability to buy Character Name Change from CCP


I and many others have posted about this on reddit and recommended it many times before with lots of upvotes and good feedback so it would be nice if we could get an answer from CCP on this?

In essence, many of us would like to see an ability to change your in game character name since a lot of us created their first character in a hurry or without thinking and are not stuck with their name for all eternity.
From what I could gather from the feedback from the community, a majority of people would be willing to pay real money for this.
They would also want a History tab so that if you search the old name, or use a locator agent on the old name it would still show up. Meaning that the name change doesn’t effect game play for people that want to find the old character name on Zkill or any other place.

This is the latest post about this on Reddit:




And here’s the prior latest post on this forum, since you only linked Reddit.
[IDEA] Name Change Certificate


Thanks! Yeah, it’s been a recurring topic for ages. Since this is something that CCP would most likely make money on I don’t see why they wouldn’t spend a bit of resources to get it done. May be a good reason for it but would like to know what it is or if they at least have looked into this.

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I don’t support this, but I will ask them about it.


If a name could b changed i see no harm so long as its easy to see previous names. Say only once per year you can change and we see the previous names

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Полезная информация

I support this 200%

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Not supported

I think your name is a staple to your eve identy, i however support last name changes like in real life just nor first XD

Hey there! Just wanted to confirm that we’ve seen your request. I can’t comment at the moment on if it’s something we’re willing to explore, but I didn’t want you to think you were just throwing well-reasoned solutions into the cold vacuums of space.


Inb4 r/Eve headline: CCP Swift confirms on official forums character name change will be available soon. :wink: :smirk: :smiling_imp: :popcorn:



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