Ability to disable Alliance chatt and corp chatt for my self


why not to provide the ability so i can disable the chatting channel in the game
Which mean Alliance and corp channels and only for my self.
I mean why is it must for me to have them :slight_smile:

I think this will make more stability with the current issue
with chatts windows.


Same for FW militia channel, please

… just close them

And disable blink first.

You can only hide them, not close them.

Have you tried right clicking the tab and checking the box for it?

result is the same except for one thing.

and no you should not be able to vanish from corp chat if you are online however alliance is now stuck permanently in delayed

still i request to have the ability to close them and when i want to use it
then i add them as normal chatts.

closing them is no different from minimizing both get them off your screen

I belive this ability will solve at least one problems for me.

I Get alot of Dissconnections which i belive because my client
dissconnected from chatt server.

Also i belive i have issue with chatting with my corp and allince members
which has long delay and not instant .

It is a pain to play EVE right now.

disconnecting from the chat server is completely independent from the game server. so that is not affecting your connection in any way

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