Abyssal and incursion corporation

what im looking for is a corporation with focus on abyssals and incursions with people i could learn from and fleets which i could join later on. i would need to be guided as to what should i fly and how to optimally skill for that

heres my profile:

  • currently 28m SP omega player
  • i always aimed at skills for combat
  • last time i played subbed was in 2013-14 if i remember correctly, so i forgot most things in this game and need to relearn
  • ive played EVE on and off for about 6 months total since 2011
  • i tried several proffesions, mining included which was by far the most boring and unfun
  • ive spent most of my time in hisec doing security missions (barely L4) and lowsec FW plexing (which was most lucrative but also tedious)

i am looking for a corp that would help me learn and enjoy EVE

any other tips and insights are most welcome

i would like to make some friends in this game, maybe there is something u do that would spark an interest in me, so feel free to add me

PS: i also play star citizen and starcraft 2

thanks in advance

Hello, our corporation Cloud Haven Technologies is focused on Abyssal Deadspace, both solo and cooperative in frigates and we are building a community to run Triglavian Invasions when they come into game at the end of this month. They will be similar to Incursions.

Here is a link to our forums post:

If you have any questions, you can jump to our Discord: Discord to have a chat.

Depending on your time zone, we may be of interest to you. We live in low-security space and are pivoting our industrial efforts to focus heavily on manufacturing triglavian technology.

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