The Abyss is our domain ! CLOUD HAVEN TECHNOLOGIES is PVE/PVP oriented corporation based in high-sec specialized in Abyssal Deadspace and all things Triglavian


Cloud Haven Technologies is newly formed all-timezone corporation (leadership is EU) recruiting pilots interested in Abyssal Deadspace expeditions, production and use of Triglavian technology and small-gang PVP.

**BRAKING NEWS: World Ark Xordazh is completed and Triglavian forces are suspected to invade New Eden soon! This invasion will be an incursion-like fleet PVE content, and we need more people to tackle this content! Come join us if you want to get your hands on the new Triglavian technology the moment it comes to New Eden!

Our goal is to create a platform for abyss runners and people interested in Triglavian technology, for sharing tips, tricks and information about all the aspects of the abyss and to promote cooperation for fun and profit. We offer free basic Abyss ships to newbros. Our main area of operation is currently Caldari high-security space close to Jita trade hub, with PVP operations venturing mainly into low-security space or wormhole space. We also hit high-sec targets from time to time. We are mostly casual corporation, with fleet operations not being mandatory and real life always coming first. We strife however to be good at abyss exploration and tackle new and difficult Triglavian content. And where else to spend the ISK we make than on fancy Triglavian ships (produced by our industrialists) and blazing Entropic Disintegrators?

What we offer:

  • platform to share help and advice to run Abyssal Deadspace expeditions up to Tier 5
  • Focus on tackling soon tome come Triglavian Invasions !
  • small-gang PVP fleet fights and structure sieges (often using Triglavian ships) - our killboards: -LINK HERE- (remember we are a new corp, my personal killboards -HERE-)
  • Tax rate of 0%, no mandatory fleets or activity
  • Free abyss ships for new players to learn the ropes from Tier 1 Abyss
  • Fortizar homebase with market aimed at Abyss Runners there you can sell your loot instantly and get supplies needed for the abyss, like filaments/drones/ammo and more.

What we require:

  • Friendly and casual attitude
  • Interest in the Abyssal Deadspace and all things Triglavian
  • Patience and nerves of steel, abyss can be cruel to unexperienced
  • Microphone and Discord client

Feel free to apply to our corporation in-game or visit our recruitment chat channel in-game: “CHT Recruitment”. You can also hop on our Discord server: where recruiter will get a hold of you.


Glorification for the fit !

Mortification for the unfit !

Cladeships of the 3 tactical troika classification in communion militant of Ognyena Subclade of Perun Clade encountered vessels under guidance of augmented foreign narodnya at reverse-time co-ordinates (indecipherable) in sub-15 exclave of conduit loop construct-89.

sounds like heaven…

Transfer conduit of sub-15 exclave of conduit loop construct-89 recorded the proving.

Ancient-time accepted noema of extirpation of hivelinked narodnya.

5000 DPS in high-sec in action !

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Exploring Tier 5 conduit loop construct.

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First test of cooperative exploration of low tier conduit loop construct. It seems we will be able to effectively explore Tier 3 and maybe even Tier 4 or Tier 5 loop constructs using Damavik frigates.

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Triglavian World Ark Xordazh is completed in the depths of the loop constructs !

Triglavian Invasion is coming soon to New Eden accoring to leaks from Singularity server! So far, they seem to be hostile only to hivelinked narodnya (people/nations) like Sansha Nation and Drifters, only testing capsuleers and people of New Eden. But who knows, where they will stop if they invade New Eden. We are ready to either fight them, or help them, if we have the opportunity. Our ultimate goal is still the same: To obtain the best Triglavian technology we can get our hands on for profit and power.

We will need more people for our PVE fleets, if we are to tackle this new incursion-like content coming to EVE. Come and join us!

Recruitment is still open! We are growing steadily, come join us as well!

We now have people in all timezones ! We are still pretty small, but growing. If you like Abyss, small-gang PVP and smaller groups where you will matter, consider joining us !

Another day, another co-operative abyss runs.

Come join in !

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We also do PVP! No matter if you are new to PVP, if you like abyss and also want to try PVP, you will find it in our corp. We also do PVP fleets with friends outside of corp.

highly recommend CHT - good people - fun to fly with

We are still recruiting !

We are still recruiting people interested in Abyssal Deadspace and upcoming Triglavian Invasions !

We are growing !