Abyssal mate discord

Greetings capsuleer, the Abyssal mate discord has been created and used since the 2v2 cruiser, the purpose of Abyssal Mate is to find interested people to team and pvp with on the abyssal arenas when it comes to team abyssal pvp like was the 2v2 cruiser, now the 3v3 slicer and in the future the other abyssal ground teamable events. Find a partner by pinging on the channel, all the people here are already here to find partner for abyssal grounds so join to find your abyssal mate when you need it! https://discord.gg/ym3Eqzv

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Abyssoul mate.

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Heh yeah

Still up, like you can see more teamable events are up! Come find your partner!

Caldari 2v2 starts today! Join now!

The 2nd new 2v2 Cruiser will start soon! Join us to be ready to find partners!

Cruiser 2v2 has started! Come to find mates!

T3D 2v2 has started! Already more than 50 people interested in finding mates! Come find your mate!

Find lonely players in your area today!

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Destroyer 2V2V2 starts today! join the server to find mates!

Frigate 3v3 starts today! join now to find mates!

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