Abyssal Mod Firesale - All stock must go!

EDIT: Looking to sell these asap. I’m willing to bundle all these mods when bought all together and give 60% further off their discounted price!

Got a variety of high end and mid range mods, priced to sell.
Please enjoy your stay and have a browse to see if anything catches your fancy.

I’ve tried to make these prices as reasonable as possible, as i’m looking to clear these out but no low-ball offers please.

I also have a bunch of t2 rolled XL shield boosters[SOLD}, mwds and disruptors i’d be willing to bundle and sell cheap. Just shoot me a PM either on forums or in game.

EDIT: Prices slashed, discounts applied all over the board. Get them before someone else nabs them ^.^

High end mods:

Warp scrambler 13.2km range - Green activation 800m[SOLD]

Amazing long range webifier 1.3b [SOLD]

All green high end large cap bat 1.9 b [SOLD]

Amazing medium cap battery 850m

another good medium cap battery 650m

50mn mwd - fast speed 650m

Mid-range mods:

warp scram 11.97km 200m

midrange large cap battery 450m

med cap bat 300m

Medium NOS long range 150m

small plate 80m

heatsink 26.8% dps 110m

Modules still for sale!

New cheap mid-range heat sink added

Discounts applied to current stock. Grab them while they last!

Bundled discounts are available too! Just shoot me a msg <3

Don’t be shy, hit me up :slight_smile:

Battery SOLD!

Web reserved!

warp scram price reduced!

mods still for sale!

+1 for good prices :smiley: wish i didnt have too much already

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Thanks for the feedback!

Warp scram sold!

Still open for business!

Not many mods left!

Get them while you can.

Market still open!

Items still for sale!

Firesale is still running!

How long is the web reserved for?

Giving it a day or 2. Will update then

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Mods are still for sale! :slight_smile:

NEW INFERNAL SALE! BUY ALL THESE MODS TOGETHER (Web excluded) for 60% further discount!

It’s so crazy it’s almost unreal!

Web is unreserved if you are interested in purchasing now.

Yep i’ll take it, can claim the contract in a few hours.

Contract created <3

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