Abyssaled Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer - Higher DPS than Officer Mods

Going to make an attempt to sell this gyrostabilizer roll. Its not perfect, but it has a higher DPS increase than any officer mod, with a 13% RoF (2% higher than any officer) and a 1.136x Damage Modifier. Higher than a couple, but not all. Slight CPU increase, but still middle of the road for its competition.

Good mod for a titan pilot or an incursion pilot looking to get a little extra damage.

Make me a decent, reasonable offer.

Good Gyro


Still for sale.

Bump! Really good gyro still for sale. No offers on the table as of yet.

Bump, still for sale.

Bump. Looking to sell this great Gyro. Add it to your collection today!

Daily bump!

Give me a picture of the rolls plz not just the stats

Added the rolls picture. CPU roll is negative, but it is still less than the modules its above par on.


Still looking for some offers. Nothing on the table yet.

Good abyssal mod for sale here.

Back to the top!

Still for sale. Someone make me an offer :smiley:

Tbh just go on abyssal discord. More ppl care about abyssals there than here.

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