😎 WTS absolutely insane gyrostabilizer (31.22% dmg increase!)

WTS nearly max rolled gyrostabilizer, better than any officer mod in the game.
Perfect to slap on your Ragnarok or maybe that new Moracha you have to replace after lending it out! :rofl:

31.22% damage increase for this mod, compared to only 28.65% for a Tobias version

Starting bid at 15B

Please post offers or mail this character on the forums only

A guy looks at one forum post and thinks its worth gold.

Ill offer 2.5b based on previous ones that were actually sold.

I agree with him ^^ , you wont sell this above maybe 3.5 to 4 bil, and thats from trading hundreds of abysals already vOv.

I offer 2.6 bil


i’ll offer one domination gyrostab for it

Don’t listen to these people, they have no idea how rare this kind of roll is or they are trying to manipulate you into selling cheap so they can resell. Effectively you rolled 195+ twice in a row on a d200. Your price is right be patient.

I know what I am talking about with Abyssal rolls.

This is a sweet ass role. You’ll probably get circa 7Bn for it from the correct customer - maximum. Value is determined by greater extend by what people are willing to pay, rather than academic cost involved in the roll. Its just the way things are.

Hope this helps.

Yea, magni knows the abyssal market pretty well.

I was thinking 5-6b for it myself. No way you’ll get 15b though unless you find a sucker. (hopefully you do!) I know i’ve found a couple myself for selling abyssal mods heh

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