Abyssals for sale

Below are some more abyssals i am looking to sell. All provide a DPS increase over their base modules, the lowest being a 2% DPS increase over its base. Looking to sell these as i dont currently need or use them. Prices are in order from left to right, top to bottom

Abyssal BCS - 13.456 % / 11.56% - 500m
Abyssal BCS - 12.627% / 11.86% - 400m
Abyssal BCS - 11.498% / 13.12% (only a 2% DPS increase) - 250m
Abyssal Gyrostabilizer - 1.128x / 12.08% - 250m

Abyssals for sale

Bump! Still for sale. Decent abyssals for decent prices.


To the top!


Bump ^

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