WTS Abyssal Mods - Including 3 Officer

WTS the following items, all are open to reasonable offers:

Abyssal Heat Sink: Looking for 10b

Abyssal BCU: Looking for 3b

Abyssal BCU: Looking for 3b

Abyssal Large Armor Rep Looking for 4b

Abyssal Large Armor Rep Looking for 2b

Abyssal Large Ancillary Armor Repairer Looking for 1.5b

Heavy Energy Neut Looking for 1.5b

Thanks for looking. Feel free to reply here or send me a mail ingame.

Damage percentages of those damage mods?

Do you mean the total DPS bonus applied by the mod?

Yes, mutaplasmid.space for example gives you that number.

Heat sink: 31.4%

Both BCUs are 29.3%

With this in mind, I’ve dropped the price of the Gotans abyssal.

If the percentage is that low on the bcu’s they are only worth around 1b each…

To be fair, some people are willing to pay a premium due to the officer base mod, but yes that % can be reached by faction base without a problem so the availability is higher

It would also be a bit easier to sell if you post the mods in the above format, people like green bars and it’s easier to compare

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Still for sale, price of the BCU’s has been reduced.

Still for sale - Officer level BCUs on the cheap and a top tier heat sink.

Still selling these.

Daily bump - still for sale.

Still available

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